/American Schools/ (13)
/Bengali Schools/ (0)
/British Schools/ (18)
/Dance Schools/ (17)
/Filipino Schools/ (2)
/French Schools/ (3)
/Indian Schools/ (20)
/International Baccalaureate System Schools/ (0)
/Japanese Schools/ (1)
/Language Centers/ (8)
/Music Schools/ (11)
/Nurseries/ (1)
/Other Systems Schools/ (0)
/Pakistani Schools/ (4)
/Russian Schools/ (1)
/Special Children Schools/ (4)
/Training Institutes/ (12)
/Universities/ (6)

How to Find Job in Dubai UAE

Here are 10 ways to get a job in Dubai, UAE:

1. Use Job Search Websites:
There are numerous job search websites that can help you find employment in Dubai. Some of the reputable websites include:


These websites have thousands of job listings that you can apply for by creating an account, uploading your CV, and entering personal information. Some websites also allow you to make your CV "searchable," making it easier for employers to find you.

2. Send Your CV Directly to Companies:
Research companies in Dubai and search for the HR department's email address. If it's not available on the website, try to find a contact email address and send your CV with a cover letter stating the type of job you are seeking.

3. Read Newspapers:
Stay updated by regularly reading newspapers such as Khaleej Times, Gulf News, Al Bayan, Al Ittehad, Arabian Business, Emirat al youm, Dubai Express, and Kul Arab.

4. Use LinkedIn and Facebook:
Employers often post job listings on their LinkedIn pages. You can also search for recruitment groups on LinkedIn by keywords such as "UAE jobs" or "Dubai jobs." On Facebook, join recruitment groups and follow companies' business pages for job openings. When looking for ways on how to find job in Dubai UAE, everyone would recommend you to use LinkedIn as it is a platform for proffesionals and employers so it is easy to find and apply for jobs of your liking

5. Employee Referral Programs:
Many companies in Dubai offer referral bonuses to employees who refer successful job candidates. Utilize your personal and professional network to see if anyone you know works for a company in Dubai that you're interested in. They may be able to refer you for a job opening.

6. Apply from within Dubai: 
The 6th point in this 'how to find job in Dubai' article is about considering traveling to Dubai and applying for jobs in person. This shows the employer that you are available in the country and can be contacted immediately. There may also be walk-in interviews available.

7. Network with People:
Connect with friends and family members who are already working in Dubai. They may know of job openings and can recommend you to the hiring staff. Also, reach out to people on LinkedIn who are working in Dubai for assistance and consider sending them your CV.

8. Networking events:
Attend career fairs, job expos, and other networking events in Dubai to meet potential employers and learn about job openings. You can also connect with recruiters
and HR professionals who may be able to provide insights and advice on the job market.

9. Register with Recruitment Agencies
In the UAE, many recruitment companies assist job seekers in finding employment. They register you with them and notify you of relevant job openings. These services are often free of charge as they are paid by the employer. You can register either through their website or by visiting their office. When learning how to find job in Dubai, you cant skip to contact these agencies. Often people think they are not useful but they can get you job easily and fast.

10. Company Websites:
Many companies in Dubai post job openings directly on their website. Check the careers section of websites for companies that interest you to see if they have any current job openings. If they do, you can submit your application directly through their website or by emailing the HR department.

This is how to find job in Dubai. Hope you found this article useful

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